I'll Be Your Doula. By, Max Grey

It has been a long time. Not the longest of time.  But time, nonetheless, that I have worked in birth. That I have worked in postpartum...


That I have worked and been directly involved in the entire perinatal journey. 

It has been 8 years of breaking into an industry niche that was never to be spoken about, or shared. Photographing authenticity amongst women and their families. Photographing the variations of way women birth their babies. Whether it was by choice or by chance. An industry, that in general, has drowned in mediocrity of drive and passion. Where trends are the standard, and expectations are the norm, rather than intentions. 

I take with me the experiences I have had on this earth as a child, woman, a mother, a partner and I tuck them into an informational place. Never once would I take my experiences and place them on your shoulders to carry. I allow them to be a history lesson for myself, to be the best support I can be for you and your family during the times we think there is no one who can really get it.

I have been in that OR, that hospital room, that bedroom... the place of vulnerable wonder. To document and Support. For a long time. 

I have been in your home with your already born children, or during your times of grief over loss. 

I see the photography and birth industry making miraculous leaps and bounds, but I also see it becoming a commodity. Something to pocket. It is not a job. It’s a way of life. I have taught 100’s of students how to own their truth behind their cameras. I have supported countless women on how to dig into that place of divinity and let that light shine. 

We get asked about why we cost what we do. What is included in the monetary investment? Us. We are what is included. We have sailed the ocean beyond trainings and certifications, and business. 

Together, with my best friend and partner Nicole, there is an experience, of time we provide. A historical context, relationship building with medical personnel, and personal dedication decorated with the words, “We get it. You got this.” All over it. From direct birth doula support, to immediate postpartum care. I'll be your doula. We are your doulas. I have shared in the glorious births of Nicole's children, including her angel baby Porter. I held space for her as not only her best friend, but as a professional. A bond we have that delves into the depths of our innate nature. Into our spirits. This is what we bring to you. A family. A core value, not just a business. We came together through our heart space. This is what your support is grounded in. 

This is what value is. This is what you will carry with you for the rest of your life, and share with your children as they grow. There is a universal thing we all are somehow connected with. A contract of sorts, as individuals of this earth. We know when the fit is right, and the investment makes sense for both of us. We honor that contract. We are your doulas.

Max Grey